Stricter local and cross border environmental regulations, growing ecological awareness, new response and remediation technologies and commitment to corporate social responsibility are all pushing companies to focus greater attention on finding ways to conduct safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

Companies operating in oil & gas, extractive, manufacturing and chemicals industries, as well as ports & harbors, transportation and selected state sectors are increasingly dependent on outsourced resources for emergency spill and environmental pollution response operations.

Corena Group, a company backed by the resources and extensive experience of Corena Ecuador and the global services division of Lamor Corporation Ab in Finland, provides integrated environmental solutions to meet the response and remediation needs of companies operating across a range of industries.

Corena Group offers end-to-end oil spill response, waste management and other environmental services in a rapid, safe, and cost effective manner to companies without dedicated in-house environmental pollution response resources.

Corena Group’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions ensures that oil & gas companies and other industrials can focus on critical business activities without tying up large amounts of resources in non-core areas.

We provide risk assessment and analysis, contingency planning, equipment planning and rental, as well as operations and response training and practical support.

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