Companies operating in oil & gas, extractive, manufacturing and chemicals industries, as well as ports & harbors, transportation and selected state sectors are increasingly dependent on outsourced resources for emergency spill and environmental pollution response operations and hazardous waste management solutions.

Corena group was established following 35 plus years of Lamor Corporations continuous investment in building a global service organization, in late 2015 the decision was taken to create a stand alone company encompassing the extensive experience, expertise and resources that have been developed over the past decades to create Corena Group AB. Corena Group’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions ensures that its clients can focus on core business activities without tying up large amounts of resources in non-core areas.

Corena Group is a response to the ever changing landscape of the various industries it serves internationally and a recognition that clients are seeking ever more cost effective and streamlined approach to the provision of services. By combining the full portfolio of services Corena Group offers a simplified procurement through a single point of access and consistent quality and standards across every service line.

Corena Groups activities span across Africa, Europe, Middle East, Far East, CIS, Central America and South America, providing a global presence. It is our mission to support our clients needs wherever they may be and at the same time support the local communities where we operate.