Integrated Environmental Solutions

One of Corena Group’s main competitive advantages is our ability to offer both OSR and waste management services, which provides customer-focused operational alignment.

End-to-End Services

Our main service lines include Oil Spill Response (OSR), waste management and hazardous material disposal and treatment solutions. We have the unique capability to offer these services as independent stand-alone solutions as well as elements of an integrated service offering. Our ability to provide an end-to-end service package provides customers with a one-stop-shop for environmental response services, allowing them to streamline sourcing, reduce costs and focus on critical operations.
Our global partner ecosystem also allows us to further expand our offering with shoreline provision and vessel chartering services depending on customer needs.

Oil Spill Response & Recovery

Corena Group’s ability to provide highly-reactive and timely OSR solutions is supported by our global stockpiles of strategically-located equipment and dispersants and the growing network of response points. Our equipment depots are currently concentrated in the Middle East, Americas and Europe.

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Oil & Industrial Waste Management

Our waste management and environmental remediation experience is based on extensive field operations in Ecuador. Corena Group can help customers dispose of all types of waste, with the exception of nuclear and explosive material.

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Training Services

Corena Group offers and provides a comprehensive range of training and supporting services to our clients, based on many years of experience in the successful provision of response operations and consultancy services, at all levels.

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