Oil & Industrial Waste Management

Our waste management and environmental remediation experience is based on extensive international field operations. Corena Group can help customers dispose of all types of waste, with the exception of nuclear and explosive material.

Soil & Site Remediation

Corena Group, a leader in soil and site remediation, has the capability to implement various methods of treatment such as biological, physical, chemical, mechanical and/or combination of them. Initially, a site quantitative risk assessment is executed for the determination of the nature of the site, its characteristics and the contamination level. Based on the findings of the assessment, the most suitable method / technique which can include enhanced bioremediation, soil washing and aeration etc. is chosen in order to achieve the acceptable limit values according to the specific local legislation or client’s needs.

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Oily Sludge/Hydrocarbon Treatment

Corena Group is providing oily sludge treatment services using the most advanced technologies, such as centrifugal and chemical process, in order to achieve the optimal outcome for the client. The maximization of the recovered oily phase and the minimization of the final waste quantities that have to be disposed of, at the lowest possible cost, is the key element of Corena Group operations.

Drill Cuttings Management

Corena Group has an extensive experience in drill cuttings management and treatment. Depending on the client’s need and requirements, such as environmental permits, simultaneous operations etc., Corena Group can implement various in-situ or ex-situ techniques for the mechanical and/or physics-chemical treatment of the drill cuttings.

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Waste Water Treatment

Corena Group can provide a wide range of options regarding the treatment of waste water. Depending on the needs of the client, the discharge limit values and the reuse of the treated water into industrial processes, Corena Group can offer tailor made solutions combining physicochemical and biological methods.

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Waste Management

Corena Group provides integrated hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services based on the principles of:

  • Recycling, reuse
  • Proximity
  • Best available technologies

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