Corena Group has an extensive experience in drill cuttings management and treatment. Depending on the client’s need and requirements, such as environmental permits, simultaneous operations etc., Corena Group can implement various in-situ or ex-situ techniques for the mechanical and/or physics-chemical treatment of the drill cuttings.

Ex Situ Treatment
Corena Group can provide a one stop solution when ex-situ treatment is required.

  • Collection – Packaging of the cuttings (if required)
  • Transportation
  • Treatment (to reach the limits according to the local legislation)
  • Final disposal
  • Licensing of the whole process

In Situ Treatment
Applying GEOZORB™ technology, CORENA has developed the treatment of drill cuttings in situ, which eliminates the need of storage pits in the rig and reuse of drill cuttings as reconditioning material taking into consideration the levels required by the environmental authority .