Corena Group provides integrated hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services based on the principles of:

  • Recycling, reuse
  • Proximity
  • Best available technologies

First priority of Corena Group is to maximize the recycling and reuse of the potential waste by implementing onsite treatment methods and technics. If this is not possible, then Corena Group will undertake the transportation and the disposal of the waste in the closest facility in order to minimize the risk and the cost of long transportation. In case, local solutions are not available, Corena Group can undertake and execute the exportation of the waste in a fully licensed facility complying with the requirements of Basel Convention.
The service can include:

  • the collection of the waste
  • packaging – repackaging to UN approved means
  • loading to containers according IMDG and ADR regulations
  • loading as bulk cargo
  • transportation from country of origin until destination country
  • issue of all required licenses (TFS)
  • final disposal certificates

A variety of solutions can be applied for reducing, classifying, revalorizing, recycling and transferring of nonhazardous and hazardous waste. This solution significate an economical opportunity to boost the environmental commitment of the organization. Through the application of international standards and technologies, complete waste management procedures are incorporated to the Organization activities in order to reduce and mitigate the environmental impacts derived from the productive operations.
When no solutions can be applied in the country, Corena Group can made the exportation of the waste to a foreign facility applying the Bessel Convention taking care since TFS, packing, internal and external transport and final disposal.